Culinary Arts Tech 2

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Program Description:

The program includes a number of diversified, flexible food modules: preparation, service and presentation of meals, quantity food production, bakeshop, table service, catering for community organizations, cake decoration and orientation to the foodservice industry. These modules are designed to meet student’s individual needs for skill development and preparation to enter the foodservice industry. Interest, natural ability and food skills are determining factors in the progress of the student. In the second year, students continue the ACF based curriculum sequence of the first year where roasting, grilling, frying, sauté, braising, poaching and shallow poaching will be added along with bakeshop, service and ServSafe sanitation certification. The second year students also will be preparing and serving lunches in our dining room. On the state level, we are in the process of aligning ourselves with the American Culinary Federation proficiencies for secondary education.

Activities in which students partake:

Ordering, receiving and proper storage of food and food related products. Menu Planning, preparation and cooking of fruits, vegetables, various meats, seafood, poultry, sauces, soups, salads, desserts, proper sanitation practices and supervisory development of the kitchen, production and service individuals.

Skills practiced in this trade:

  • Use as well as care of knives used for, slicing, dicing, julienne, basic butchery and seafood processing.
  • Math,
  • Computer,
  • Organization or Mise en Place ,
  • Menu planning and development,
  • Oral and written communication,
  • Creativity and flavor pairing.




ServSafe American Culinary Federation culinary arts secondary school proficiencies.

Entry level job opportunities:

  • Chef’s assistant,
  • Line cook trainee,
  • Baker’s assistant,
  • Dining room server,
  • Basic kitchen prep

Post-secondary opportunities:

  • Community College,
  • Culinary School,
  • Four year hospitality management
  • Bachelor’s Degree programs,
  • Culinary apprenticeship programs.



Successful completion of Tech 1 Culinary Arts curriculum.



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This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri.


This course is held at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center in room 404.