Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology is a challenging and exciting program that utilizes up-to-date technology to diagnose and repair complex modern automobiles. Our program is certified by the National Automotive Technical Educational Foundation (NATEF) and Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES).

The program begins with a focus on safety and how to operate shop equipment. We then progress into learning about electrical systems, brake systems, steering and suspension systems, and engine performance– which includes ignition, fuel and emission systems.


Year I

In the first year, students spend one day on classroom theory and the next day on shop-based skills. Students will need to keep a notebook for each quarter and write a work order for each shop day. Quarter 1 is focused on safety and how to operate shop equipment. Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 cover brake systems and steering and suspension systems. Quarter 4 covers engine performance which includes ignition, fuel and emission systems.

Year II
In the second year, students begin to do more hands-on work which includes more diagnostic skills. Students will keep a portfolio to document each day’s work in the shop. Tech II students are encouraged to take professional ASE certification exams.

Instructors: Timothy Hiltz, Carter Waldren


Good communication
Positive attitude
Problem-solving skills
Critical thinking skills
Math skills

Professional Licenses/Certifications
ASE: Automotive Education Foundation
SP2 Safety & Pollution Prevention certification
Maine State Inspection

Skills/Knowledge Gained
Shop and tool use and safety
Diagnostic skills and problem solvingSequencing and organization
Proficient service-writing skills
Class Activities
Operating shop equipment
Tire work, brakes, and suspension
Engine performance and diagnostics
Electrical theory and training

Entry Level Career Opportunities
Entry-level Dealership Technician
Retail or Wholesale Parts Representative​​
Tire-Mounting Technician
Service Writer

Career Opportunities (with further education)
Advanced Technician​​​​​
Service Manager
Independent Repair Facility Owner/Operator