The Business program is designed to provide students with the fundamental business, communication, and technology skills valued in the workplace and in post-secondary educational programs related to business–like Accounting, Business Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship. Students who take the business classes will develop a broad understanding of business organizations and obtain subject-specific knowledge in accounting, management, entrepreneurship, and business communication.


Students can earn up to 9 college credits at no cost to them from Thomas College if they successfully complete the following courses here at WRVC:

  • Accounting (AC111) — Syllabus
  • Business Management (MG224) — Syllabus
  • Computer Applications  (CS115) — Syllabus

Students can earn up to 12 college-level credits at Husson University as long as a particular standard on a proficiency exam is met and they successfully complete the class at WRVC:

  • Accounting (AC121)
  • Computer Applications (IT111)
  • Business Management (BA101)
  • Human Resource Management (BA311)


Students will learn the ergonomically correct way to key, which will help them complete their computer assignments more quickly and reduce the chance of an injury caused by keyboarding for an extended period of time using the hunt and peck method. The course is designed to give students keyboarding and basic computer skills that will help them be more productive users of Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Students in this class quickly realize there is a lot to learn about software applications in order to be proficient when formatting documents and organizing data.  Students learn Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and realize how their newly acquired skills will help them with their daily assignments and future work in college. Juniors and seniors who successfully complete this course earn three college credits at no cost to them.  See the section EARN COLLEGE CREDITS above for more information. Keyboarding is recommended before taking Computer Applications.

This course is available to those students who have successfully completed Computer Applications.  Students will have individualized training for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams and will be able to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at no cost to them.  Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills and gain experience to work in a business office. Prioritizing work orders, determining the best approach to formatting data, and training others are all skills practiced in the Business Center during this class.

This course is designed for students to develop personal management skills to function effectively in their personal lives and in the workplace. A sample of the topics covered includes time management, goal setting, money management, banking, loans, budgeting, ethics in decision making, soft skills needed for the workplace, and establishing a professional online personality.

This course is about the functions of HR—from hiring employees to planning new employee orientations, organizing training, developing effective workplace policies, handling employee issues, conducting performance reviews, and ensuring safety in the workplace. Students will collaborate with peers, use their computers to access tools used by managers to organize information, and role play. Juniors and seniors who successfully complete this course earn three college credits at no cost to them. See the section EARN COLLEGE CREDITS for more information.

Many students would like to be managers at some point in their careers.  In this class, students will gain an understanding of the main functions of management along with the appropriate times to use certain management and leadership styles. In addition, students will learn key terms related to international business and study another country’s business practices and etiquette. Using the computer, students will learn how to develop business budgets and maintain business records. Students will collaborate with peers about business issues, make decisions based on a decision-making model, and practice communicating via email on a professional level. Juniors and seniors who successfully complete this course earn three college credits at no cost to them.  See the section EARN COLLEGE CREDITS for more information.

The focus of this class is for students to develop their skills to communicate effectively to an audience using a variety of methods.  Students will have multiple opportunities to practice writing clear email messages, creating memorandums, composing and formatting business letters, preparing agendas, presenting information, and speaking on a variety of topics.


In this class, students will learn the fundamental principles of accounting for service and merchandising businesses and become skilled at analyzing source documents, journalizing business transactions, and preparing and analyzing financial statements. Students will learn the basics of QuickBooks, from creating invoices, entering purchases, and paying bills to recording payments received and evaluating financial reports.  Juniors and seniors who successfully complete this course earn three college credits at no cost to them.  See the section EARN COLLEGE CREDITS for more information. Brochure

This course is designed to get students excited about becoming true entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service. Real-world entrepreneurs and business experts serve as coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development. Over the course of the year, student teams learn about marketing, accounting, as well as the legal aspects of starting a business. They have access to a network of professionals to further develop their skills (teamwork, problem-solving, presentation, communication) for college and career readiness.  Pitch Week helps to further fire the entrepreneurial spirit by putting student teams in front of actual investors so they can pitch their innovative idea to win funding and turn their wishful thinking into a reality. Review this link to see this program in place at another school: