Business Education prepares students for many roles in the world of business. This program focuses on office administration, management, accounting, and entrepreneurship.  These components are designed to equip students with the essential skills for working in any office setting, managing people, processing business transactions, handling money, and thinking like an entrepreneur.


Year I
There are two major components to the Business Tech I program–Office Administration and Management.   The Year I program focuses on:

  1. learning how to live an independent life
  2. understanding the roles and responsibilities of different levels of management
  3. acquiring the skills to work in an entry-level position in a wide range of industries. From not-for-profit organizations to corporate businesses and large and small companies, every business needs great team members, from skilled and organized office assistants to effective managers.

Office Administration

  • prepares students to work in an office setting in a wide range of industries. Students become proficient users of Microsoft Office software applications including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.


  • students develop personal management skills to function effectively in their personal lives. They also learn how HR impacts hiring, training, supporting, and supervising employees. Since many students are– or most likely will be– interested in various management roles at some point in their career, the main functions of managers, management and leadership styles are examined.

Year II
The second year of the business program focuses on Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Students learn how to analyze business transactions for many different types of businesses–from day cares to medical practices–and have the opportunity to create their own business transactions for a business of their choice.  


  • familiarizes students with the fundamental theory and principles of accounting. Students will be able to perform the functions of the accounting cycle.  Students will also learn how to use Quickbooks Online to record business transactions.


  • provides students the time and space to create and develop a product or service that solves a problem or meets a need and gives them the opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of judges to win funding (currently a couple thousand dollars) to help turn their wishful thinking into a reality.

Hear students from INCubatoredu high schools throughout the country talk about their thoughts and experiences with INCubatoredu 

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Instructor: Brenda Dolloff

Professional Certifications
Tech I: Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Tech II: Quickbooks Online Certification


Skills/Knowledge Gained
Living an independent life—managing money, bills, credit, loans, etc.
Planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling functions of management
Hiring, training, and developing employees
Communicating in the workplace
Analyzing business transactions

Class Activities
Formatting professional documents
Role-playing workplace scenarios
Hiring activities
Analyzing and journalizing business transactions
Developing budgets and various financial spreadsheets
Starting a new business

Dual Enrollment/College Credits
Thomas College (up to 9 college credits)
Husson University (3 college credits)

Entry Level Career Opportunities
Office Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk

Career Opportunities (with further education)
Office Administration
Business Management
Human Resource Management