Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Please note: this CDL program is available only to students currently enrolled in high school.

Eligible students must hold a valid Maine driver’s license and have a clean driving record.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) may be taken as either a one- or two-year program.  Students who successfully complete this program will be eligible to earn either a Class B or Class A commercial driver’s license.  

The Class B course (Year I) is open to both juniors and seniors; the Class A course (Year II) is open only to seniors.  Students who successfully complete Class B training and obtain their Class B license will receive preferential admission to the Class A course, which includes extended classroom, range and road time needed to obtain a Class A license.
Students will also receive instruction and be assessed for double/triple trailer endorsement.

This program follows the state-required curriculum for commercial truck driver training. The course includes classroom, parking, and driving instruction. Students must also earn a 10-hour OSHA safety certificate.

Instructor: Ronald Welton



Valid Maine Driver’s License
Clean driving record
Drug test required following attainment of CDL Learner’s Permit
Additional drug and/or alcohol testing may also be required

Professional Licenses/Certifications
Class B driver’s license
Class A driver’s license
10-hour OSHA safety certification

Skills/Knowledge Acquired
Laws and regulations governing trucking
Operation of air brake systems
Limits of vehicle size and weight
Trip planning
Record keeping

Course Activities
Backing up, parallel parking & maneuvering
Driving CDL vehicles on the range and public roads
Pre-trip inspection
Maintaining logs

Entry Level Job Opportunities
Employment in construction, trucking, warehousing, and delivery

Career Opportunities (with further education)
Heavy equipment operation
Diesel or automotive repair