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Last updated: 10/30/2014

The Business program is designed to equip students with the business skills and knowledge needed to become an invaluable member of an organization and introduce them to post-secondary education opportunities in business, management, human resources, and accounting. Westbrook is a Microsoft Testing Center; therefore, students have the opportunity to become Microsoft Office Certified in Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.



Keyboard mastery
Business Operations Management
Human Resources Management
Financial Management
Computer Applications*

*Students earn 6 college credits at Thomas College if they successfully complete Accounting and Computer Applications.  In addition, Husson University will grant a student 3 college credits at Husson if they successfully complete the Accounting class here at WRVC.


The Keyboarding curriculum is designed to give students keyboarding and computer skills that will serve them throughout their school years, in their personal lives, and in their careers.  Students will learn to use the computer keyboard more efficiently than if they use the “hunt and peck” system.  Microsoft Word and Excel skills will be introduced as students learn how to keyboard.

Business Operations Management

Students will learn about the management functions of operating a business and have opportunities to practice the skills needed to be in the position of manager and business owner. Students will develop a business plan, create start-up, operational, and sales budgets while gaining an understanding of financial management, inventory control, scheduling, strategic planning, and how to make financial decisions. Class activities will help students develop proficiency communicating in the workplace.

Human Resources Management

This course is about the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. Topics covered included the hiring process (résumé, letter of application, interview, dress, etc.) setting expectations and goals, implementing and enforcing policies, providing rewards and recognition, negotiating, ethics in the workplace, employment and labor laws, and other functions of HR.  Students will learn about and Throughout this course, students practice workplace communication skills through various activities.  practice different leadership and management approaches, and observe the types of power people have or are given.


This course is an introductory accounting course. Students will learn the fundamental principles of accounting for service and merchandising businesses. The course will cover the complete accounting cycle, automated systems, and ethics.   Students who successfully complete this course will also earn college credit for the first level of Accounting at Thomas College or Husson University. This is a unique opportunity for high school students to earn college credits in the comforts of their own environment at no cost to the high school or student. Students wil l become skilled at analyzing and journalizing business transactions, posting to individual ledger accounts, preparing a six-column worksheet and financial statements. Students will conduct audits, where they check the accounting ledgers of a company to see if the ledgers provide an accurate picture of the financial doings of the business.  Students will also learn the software Quickbooks, a bookkeeping software solution for small businesses, and learn how to track sales and expenses, create invoices, pay bills, and organize a small business’s finances.

Financial Management  

This course is designed to provide students with a solid framework in the basics of financial management. Financial education is all about becoming empowered through knowledge. Through real-life situations, students will use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to become money managers and will compete in an investing competition against classmates. The emphasis is on short, intermediate, and long-term planning; budgets; cash flow management; and investing.

Computer Applications

This course introduces the student to the Microsoft Office 2013 suite–software tools critical to academic and workplace success (word processing, spreadsheets, E-mail, Internet tools, presentation graphics, and databases).  Most people today believe they have a basic understanding of Microsoft applications, but very few use these programs to their maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness. Students in this class quickly realize how much there is to learn about Microsoft Office and how their newly acquired skills will help them work significantly faster. Students obtain employability skills and earn three college credits for the Introduction to Computer Applications course at Thomas College. Westbrook has a dual enrollment agreement with Thomas College; this is a unique opportunity for high school students to earn college credits in the comforts of their own environment at no cost to the high school or student.

Areas covered include the use of shortcuts, using page layout options, setting tabs, creating styles, using macros, formatting tables, using the format painter, and completing mail merges in Word. Students will learn how to format various documents such as newsletters, memos, letters, lab reports, agendas, and multi-level outlines.   Students will have opportunities to create slide show presentations with animations and transitions using PowerPoint.  PowerPoint has become the premier presentation software format and is definitely a staple of current computing.  Students will quickly realize that producing effective presentations using PowerPoint will strengthen their speeches and presentation of ideas and knowledge.  Excel include entering text and data, entering formulas, creating conditional statements, filtering data, formatting data, creating macros, and graphing.

Advanced Computer Applications/Microsoft Certification         

This course is available to those students who have successfully completed Computer Applications or demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office. This course consists of individual training for the Microsoft Office Certification exams in Office 2013. In addition, students use their skills to either complete a simulation or complete real work orders for the center.




This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri.


This course is held at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center in room 411.