The Business program is designed to provide students with the fundamental business, communication, and technology skills valued in the workplace and in post-secondary education programs related to business—like Accounting, Business Management and Administration, Finance, and International Business.  Students who successfully complete Accounting and Computer Applications here at WRVC can earn 6 college credits at no cost to them from Thomas College. Husson University will grant up to 12 college credits to students who successfully complete the Accounting, Business Management, Business Communications, and Computer Applications classes at WRVC and pass the proficiency exams provided by Husson. The business program is organized as follows:


Morning Classes (1& 2) Afternoon Classes (3)
Keyboarding Accounting
Computer Applications Starting Your Own Business
Human Resources Management Advanced Computer Applications and MOS Certifications
Business Communications



Working at the computer without having to look down at the keyboard is critical for anyone who works at a computer for any period of time.  Students will learn the ergonomically correct way to key, which will help reduce injury caused by keyboarding using the hunt and peck method. The keyboarding curriculum is designed to give students keyboarding and basic computer skills that will serve them throughout their school years, personal lives, and careers. In addition to learning how to keyboard correctly, students learn how to format business letters, academic and business reports with footnotes, minutes to meetings, agendas, and memos.



Students in this class quickly realize how much there is to learn about Microsoft Office and how their skills will help them work more efficiently on assignments.  Students will learn Microsoft Word and be able to select page layout options, set tabs, and format tables. In addition, they will format documents such as memos, letters, agendas, and multi-level outlines.  Following training in Excel, students will understand how to organize worksheets and will be able to format data, set restrictions, create formulas, filter data, and design graphs.  Lastly, students will learn how to use PowerPoint as a tool when presenting information. Juniors and seniors who successfully complete this course earn three college credits at no cost to them from Thomas College.



This course is about the management of an organization’s employees.  Students in Human Resources Management learn how to handle employment issues such as hiring the right people, providing appropriate training, handling employee issues and requests, maintaining competitive pay and employee benefits, and maintaining safety in the workplace.  Topics covered include the hiring process, setting expectations and goals, developing and enforcing policies, rewarding employees, conducting employee performance reviews, ethics in the workplace, employment and labor laws, and other functions of HR.  Throughout this course, students will practice and develop workplace communication skills through various activities.



Many students would like to be managers at some point in their careers.  In this class, students will gain an understanding of management and learn how business managers, administrators and owners are the people who keep businesses on track.  Students will prepare business budgets, maintain records, practice the main functions of management, recognize management and leadership styles, explore international business, and other business management concepts.



Workplace settings require specific considerations when it comes to communicating effectively.  The focus of this class is to help students develop skills to communicate effectively with any audience.  Students will learn how to write clear email messages, compose memos and letters, present information, explain issues verbally and in writing, and write effective technical communications. In addition, students will prepare a resume and cover letter for a potential internship or position in the workforce.  The activities completed in this class will help students feel more prepared and confident in their ability to communicate.



This course is available to those students who have successfully completed Computer Applications.  Students will complete individual training for the Microsoft Office Certification exams in Office 2013 and have the opportunity to obtain Microsoft Office Certification at no cost to them right at WRVC, a Microsoft Office Training Center.  Students will also apply their skills in a variety of ways, completing a simulation, creating training guides for tasks in Microsoft Office, or working on real work orders provided by the instructor.



Accounting is more than just bookkeeping – it’s learning how to report the financial activities of a business or an individual and discovering how to make sense of the numbers.  In this course, students will learn the fundamental principles of accounting for service and merchandising businesses.  Students will become skilled at analyzing and journalizing business transactions, posting to individual ledger accounts, and preparing financial statements.  Students will conduct audits, checking the accounting ledgers of a company to see if the ledgers provide an accurate picture of the financial doings of the business.  During the last quarter, students will learn the basics of Quickbooks, from creating invoices, entering and paying bills, and entering payments received to creating financial reports.



Students will look at current success stories of business entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to determine whether they would like to start their own business.  Topics include the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of business ownership, types of business insurances, the main functions of a business, social responsibility, and common reasons why businesses fail.  Students will develop a business plan for a business of their choosing.