Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program is an introduction to law enforcement.  Students will study subjects such as use of force and search and seizure as they apply to our Constitution. Forensic science and crime scene processing are a few of the more than 40 subject areas of law enforcement that will be explored. The culminating experience for Criminal Justice students is to receive an introduction to police weaponry.  Students receive training from State of Maine-certified fire-arms instructors in the identification, uses, and deployment of police weapons and use of force such as take down techniques and self defense.

Instructor: Officer Jason Kopp



Skills/Knowledge Acquired
Self Confidence
Radio Communication
Report Writing


Course Activities
Physical Training
Drill and Ceremony
Public Speaking
Leadership Training
Methods of Restraint
Mock Crime Scene Investigation
Mock Trial
Field trips to Local Public Safety Facilities


Dual Enrollment/College Credits
CMCC (6 college credits)


Entry Level Career Opportunities
E-911 Dispatcher
Private Investigator
Security officer


Career Opportunities (with Further Education)
Border Patrol
Police Officer
Special Agents with Federal agencies
Game Warden
Forest Ranger
Forensic Specialists