Web Page Design

Program Description

Web Design is a vast and creative environment. It links together areas of computer programming, graphic design, Social Media, Video Editing, 3D modeling, multi-media and project management. The course will introduce areas of HTML, Computer Science Principles, Graphic Design, 3D modeling using Blender (animation, rendering, and 3D printing), social media,javascript and project management concepts. Covering these areas will also be a new set of program tools which students can utilize outside of the programs area of study. At times, students will be doing work for school groups, individual and non-profit organizations. The advanced students maintane the social media presents of the vocational center. This includes creating copy and graphics for social media plateforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All work–programming and design, concrete and conceptual theory–will eventually lead to real world application.

First year curriculum;

  • Web Design and Development
  • Blender – 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Digital Imaging using Adobe Photoshop
  • Video Editing and Effects using Adobe Premiere and After Effects
  • Exploring Computer Science
  • Android App Inventor
  • Computer Science Principles


Student certifications to be offered;

  • ACA (Adobe Certified Association)

Skills practiced in this program:

  • Industry standard graphics software, i.e. advertising, marketing, broadcast,
  • Video production animation
  • Video Editing
  • UX design
  • 3D modeling, animation and rendering
  • Computer Concepts
  • Fine art
  • Analytical skills

Skills students will acquire:

  • Understanding how different types of images are utilized on the net Hand code web sites and utilize web technologies.
  • A working knowledge of Adobe Products.
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Workflow
  • How to use the information from Socail Media and not just be a consumer
  • Understanding of the foundations and building blocks of Computer Science Principles and Concepts
  • An understanding of how the Internet works and how web pages are built and viewed around the world.

Activities in which students partake:

  • Students will participate in creation of their own web sites.
  • They will work with some of our clients on non-profit web projects. This could include creating the layout for a site using Photoshop to build mockups of different site designs, transition the mockup to markup languages to be viewed on the Internet.
  • Students will work with Professional Video Editing and Effects software.
  • Students have the opportunity to acquire ACA designations for Digital Imaging, Video Editing, and Web Design.

Entry-level Job Opportunities:

  • Web Development Associate
  • Design Assistant
  • Web Masters Assistant
  • Assisitant Editors

Post-Secondary options:

  • Graphic Deign
  • 3D modeling and CAD
  • Social Media
  • Programming
  • Business